Margarita Cupcakes these are so good.

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Cupcakes and Margaritas  a perfect marriage.  I found this recipe and wanted to make them immediately. The office was putting together a bake sale to raise money for The Race for the Cure. What better excuse to try out this tempting recipe. A light sprinkling of pink sugar added to the cause. The cupcakes sold out immediately and the money was donated to a great organization. The cupcakes were light and fresh especially with the Italian butter cream. Do not let the recipe for the butter cream intimidate you.  Once you have made this delicious butter cream you will use it again and again. These cupcakes are worth your time and are especially perfect for a summertime adult treat.  

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Southern Style Caramel Cupcakes with real Caramel Icing

caramel cupcake


My niece recently needed help with her English class writing assignment centered around the movie, “The Help”. She wanted to create a Southern cookbook with foods mentioned in the book. She asked for my help with the photography for her assignment. I also loved the book and looked forward to working on the assignment with her. I had heard about the infamous Southern Caramel Cake. After finding some recipes we decided to make cupcakes since we were going  to a picnic with our goodies. A recipe on the Cupcake Project Blog looked great. The ingredients were intriguing and together they created one of best tasting cupcakes in the world. I then proceeded to find an authentic recipe for the caramel icing. I choose a traditional Southern style to make the icing. My niece was going to learn how to stir for a half hour. She did great while watching me standing next to her with an iron skillet, some white sugar and a wooden spoon. I also kept stirring and stirring. Magically the sugar turned into a brown liquid. Carefully I poured the liquid sugar into the creamy mixture my niece was stirring. Suddenly the magic happened and we created the most delicious caramel icing ever.  We couldn’t wait to eat the finished cupcakes. After our first bite we both smiled and moaned a bit. The combination is fantastic and worth all the time it took to make the cupcakes. Oh, and she earned an A on her project….

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Chocolate Eclairs for Two Recipe

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I found a great food blog, Dessert for Two a great site featuring dessert recipes scaled down for two. The eclairs looked perfect and oh so pretty. This was my first time making eclairs.  I have made pastry cream and Chouquettes so why not eclairs.  The recipe was perfect.  I made the pastry cream the day before and the following morning the shells. The same evening I was taking my sister and her husband to the movies to celebrate her birthday. Instead of a birthday cake we ate eclairs while watching the movie. It was a great combination, watching Kevin Costner and eating eclairs what can I say it was heavenly, not so much for my brother-in-law. Try eating the eclairs the same day, they will be soggy the next day. This is what I’ve been told, eclairs have never lasted overnight in my home.  Enjoy this recipe and thank you Christina Lane for this wonderful dessert enough for the three of us. 

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Cinnamon Toffee Banana Bread recipe


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Cinnamon banana bread with both toffee and chocolate chips wow! This is a great combination of flavors. All my favorites in one recipe could not be bad. The baking time took about 10 minutes more in my oven. I only used 1 teaspoon of the cinnamon so the other flavors would not be over shadowed by the cinnamon. The bread was moist and packed with flavors at the first bite. I will be making this again and again…..